Act Seventeen | Harlem Part 2

Team LeBron | 2/23/2015


23 Acts of Kindness and Giving

LeBron’s 330 Ambassadors have taken New York by storm. Day and night, the acts of kindness never seem to stop, and at the dawn of a new day, the Ambassadors paid a visit to Harlem RBI to donate four tablets!




NBA All-Star Weekend 2015

LeBron’s Akron based 330 Ambassadors executed acts of kindness and giving throughout New York City and Brooklyn during the week of All-Star, and The LeBron James Family Foundation Facebook page tracked all 23 of them! To see/read more about LeBron’s 23 Acts of Kindness and Giving, you can view the Foundation Facebook page or read more about them here. #23Acts #IPROMISE #ObeyYourThirst #PayItForward