Canton Charge: All For Our Kids

Team LeBron | 12/11/2014


While LeBron’s “day job” had him on a road trip that included international travel, LeBron did not forget about his kids in Akron… he called in some special reinforcement to spend time with his kids.

On Wednesday, December 3, five members of the Cleveland Cavaliers D-League affiliate, the Canton Charge, stormed into Findley CLC’s Akron After School, surprising LeBron’s Wheels for Ed kids.

As our kids met their special guests, their mouths stood agape, “He’s so tall!” exclaimed a child. As many of the children stood in awe, one special Wheels for Ed All-Star, Daileon was sizing up his competition. 

The children at Findley CLC are championed by dedicated LAB Elementary member, Sherry Bennington. “Daileon was so excited when he heard who was coming,” Sherry shared with the Foundation. 

After a quick stretch, our wide-eyed Wheels for Ed kids and the more experienced Canton Charge began dribbling drills. Within minutes, the timid group of children were pulling off behind the back passes like seasoned veterans.

As the group ran through drills, a superstar was emerging through the group. On a shooting drill that had the group in a single file line taking shots from the foul line, Daileon sprinted from the top of the key and hit an acrobatic, Mr. LeBron-like layup. “Not bad,” said the players, approvingly. Daileon’s next shot was swatted down by the 6’10 Michael Dunigan (Dunigan and Daileon would go back and forth for the remainder of the night), “Get that weak stuff out of here,” said Dunigan to which Daileon quickly replied, “That was a foul!”

The group went on to play a hotly contested game of dribble-tag that saw the ladies in the bunch dominate, despite being over sized.

Akron After School finished with a one-on-one matchup between Daileon and his other arch nemesis, guard Brandon Paul. Paul, who averaged over 16 points in a game at Illinois, had his hands full with the quicker, albeit smaller Daileon. The two titans battled back and forth, with the highlight of the night being a Daileon cross-up to an easy lay up that had Paul shaking his head.

The Canton Charge are already signed up for next year!