Team LeBron | 11/18/2014


Hey guys!

What’s going on, my Wheels for Ed superstars?! Did you all wake up this morning as surprised as I was?? There was so much snow outside, all I wanted to do was have a snowball fight. As the weather gets colder, be sure to dress as warm as possible for school so you aren’t sick and don’t miss any days of school. While it looks like a Winter Wonderland outside, have you all heard of my new I PROMISE Land up in Cleveland where I work?! Now some of you will have the chance to come and watch me play in a section dedicated to all of you and our PROMISE. Now when I check my I PROMISE bands before each game and think about our PROMISE, I can look up and see some of you looking at your bands as well. We are in this together!

Now, with the holidays drawing near, I have a special mission for you guys… I want you to lend a helping hand to any of your friends or classmates who seem down or who are being picked on. I know MY WHEELS FOR ED ALL-STARS WOULD NEVER BULLY ANYONE, so I’m not even going to mention it. You are going to be leaders and give a helping hand to anyone who needs it, just like a super-hero. Can you be my super-heroes? I am counting on you guys…

Remember to stay focused as the holidays approach and finish strong before winter break. Talk to you all soon.

Your friend, 

Mr. LeBron