Kneading Dough | UNINTERRUPTED

Team LeBron | 3/21/2017



UNINTERRUPTED and Chase have teamed up for a new original series, “Kneading Dough,” in which Maverick Carter sits down with professional athletes to dive into a topic they don’t typically discuss: money. As the go-to platform for athletes to tell the stories they want to tell, UNINTERRUPTED is the ideal platform, Chase the perfect partner, and Carter the uniquely-positioned host, to show the full picture of how athletes are faced with many of the same struggles as everyone else when it comes to managing their finances and maximizing wealth.

“Until now, no one has ever really had a real conversation about the challenges athletes face and how they’re forced to learn as they go,” says Carter. “Their lives are literally flipped in that they make the most money they’re most likely ever going to make in their lives at a very young age while they’re still learning how to manage everything that comes with a very new lifestyle. I’m excited to have those conversations in “Kneading Dough.”

The series’ debut episode features NBA All-Star Draymond Green, who opens up about the lessons he learned his first year in the league, how he selects his investments, and his financial goal to become a billionaire.


“Chase is really excited to be developing “Kneading Dough” with UNINTERRUPTED.  I think most people think athletes are wealthy and don’t have challenges with money, and the reality is that they do,” said Kristin Lemkau, chief marketing officer for JPMorgan Chase. “Many athletes come into money very suddenly and at a very young age and, in some cases, aren’t thinking about how to save, where to get advice, and how to make it last. The fact is; everyone wants to make the most of their money.  This is a series that has very honest, very raw conversations with the best athletes in the world on what they’ve learned.”  

Future episodes of “Kneading Dough” including LeBron James, Serena Williams and other athletes will be released exclusively on and