Learning From Failure

Team LeBron | 3/3/2015


LeBron Message

Hey guys,

So, guess where I was this morning? I was in the gym shooting free throws because last night I missed a key shot and I let my team down. It stinks, but the only thing I can do is practice and get better. 

We fall so that we can figure out how to get up. We all go through it, and when you fall, whether it is in class or at home, I want you to remember that you have the chance to get better and try it again. Think about me whenever you feel like you are not smart enough, or there isn’t enough time… remember our PROMISE and remember that you and I are in this together!

I PROMISE I am working extra hard so that you guys can be proud to tell your friends about me, because I am so proud to tell my friends about you.

Have a great week!

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron

Written on 3/2/2015