LeBron’s First Post After Finals Loss

Team LeBron | 7/21/2015


His Message

The world was awaiting LeBron’s first social media post since he went dark at the beginning of the playoffs.  LeBron shed some light on what’s on his mind when he broke his silence on Facebook.  In his first post in over two months, he highlighted what helps him get his mind off of the tough Finals loss and motivates him to get right back to work for next season- his Wheels for Ed and Akron I PROMISE Network kids.  He explained that being back home with the people who have supported him throughout his life is as special as he hoped it would be when he made his decision to return to the Cavaliers about year ago.  His closing sentiments were typical of LeBron.  He vowed to improve in any way he could and to work even harder on his quest to win a championship for Cleveland. 

The story behind that smiling face? A select group of LeBron’s Akron I PROMISE Network kids who were among the first to ride Cedar Point’s brand new coaster, the Rougarou.



It hurt to lose. I’ve been in a funk lately, but this… this is what motivates me to do what I do. How can I ever be down...

Posted by LeBron James on Tuesday, June 23, 2015