LeBron’s On Court Arsenal

Team LeBron | 6/1/2015


LeBron's Private Collection

LeBron’s I PROMISE band arsenal is both large and diverse, just like his shoe collection.  We all know LeBron’s creativity influences the design of his signature shoe line, and his creativity also influences the design of his I PROMISE bands. While LeBron tears through the NBA Playoffs, his wrists are decked with the #1 assets in his game day attire…his On-Court Collection I PROMISE Bands.  The On-Court Collection consists of three bands, which he wears during every game.  Each band incorporates the Cavs’ team colors of wine, gold, and navy, and they match the combinations in which they appear on the team’s set of jerseys.  The bands included are the Lead the Charge I PROMISE Band (wine band with gold lettering), the Homecourt I PROMISE Band (gold band with wine lettering), and the Fanatic I PROMISE Band (navy band with wine lettering). 

The On-Court Collection is dedicated to Northeast Ohio Cavs fans, LeBron and his teammates as they strive for greatness in the playoffs. But those aren’t the only bands LeBron dawns. You can see him wearing a different band close to every day from his Limited Edition Collection, which go up on sale here on LeBronJames.com during different periods of time. High on his list is the Foundation I PROMISE Band (which is currently for sale). LeBron may be dark on social media, but his message and mission is clear to the state of Ohio and all his fans across the globe that he intends on keeping his PROMISE and bringing a championship to Northeast Ohio…he looks down at his wrists every morning to remind him of that.

Check out the store to see what limited edition bands are available from LeBron’s Private Collection here.