LeBron 12 Heroes: Victoria Young aka Supermom

Team LeBron | 1/5/2015


Hero 10 of 12 | Victoria Young

To call Victoria Young a hero would be an understatement; for two precious girls, she is a hero, a savior, and a mother.

“Victoria is my hero. Her strength, taking care of those two girls on her own while working, that’s an inspiration to me. Single parents taking care of their children, putting them ahead of themselves, that will always have a special place in my heart.” – LeBron James

Victoria is the mother of Akron I PROMISE Network student La’Zurae, who has become a standout in the program. After working a full day at an Akron Public Schools elementary school, Victoria rushes home to take care of her girls. Victoria pushes her daughter to Strive For Greatness and her hard work is paying off:


La’Zurae has bloomed into a leader both in the classroom as a student and at home as an older sister. In Victoria’s household, nothing happens, not even watching Mr. LeBron play, unless the girls have their homework done.

LeBron and the Foundation have had the pleasure of getting to know Victoria and her family.  Both La’Zurae and Victoria were part of the group that LeBron had sent to his MVP ceremony in Miami, sitting right on the stage with the rest of his Miami Heat teammates. Along with going to MVP, Victoria and La’Zurae were rewarded as part of the PROMISE Project, having their lawn completely renovated by Rice’s Nursery and the Akron Torchbearers.

“Victoria is a hero to all of us.” – LeBron James