LeBron And Teammates Visit The White House

Team LeBron | 11/30/2016


The White House

Growing up in Akron, LeBron James never imagined he’d be a guest of the President and the First Lady at the White House. This past week, the kid from Akron made his third official visit to the White House in Washington DC, this time accompanied by his championship-winning teammates, the Cleveland Cavaliers. While they got a tour of the grounds, surprised a group of veterans, and even had a little fun with the First Lady and the mannequin challenge, the honor and prestige of the experience was not lost on the big kid with a dream.

“It means so much. It’s a very humbling experience. For me growing up in the inner city, you never believe you could end up at the White House and for me to be here, celebrating a great moment in our franchise history… I’m at a loss for words.”