LeBron James in You Deserve The Best | Beats By Dre

Team LeBron | 6/11/2015


LeBron and Beats By Dre Solo 2 Spot

Leading up to the NBA Finals, LeBron and Beats by Dre dropped another spot to promote the Solo 2 wireless headphones entitled “You Deserve the Best.” This follows LeBron as he gets dressed in his hotel room before a road game, presumably Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Oakland before he makes the trip with his teammates down the road to Oracle Arena where he will face-off against the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron attentively puts on each piece of his ensemble, from his classic white dress shirt to his black sport coat.  He is shown starting to put on a striped, knitted, straight-ended tie, but then opts not to wear it and go with the clean, simple look of just the shirt and jacket.  This is perhaps a symbol of LeBron’s humble beginnings as a kid in the modest urban city of Akron, Ohio and how he decided, much like with the tie, to choose the less alluring option to come back and play for the Cavs where he could be closer to his home, instead of prolonging his stint in Miami near the glamour of South Beach.  The act is also symbolic of his straightforward goal to win an NBA championship.  

LeBron’s focus is entirely on that objective and he does not give mind to any outside abstractions, especially during the playoffs when he “goes dark” and does not practice any form of electronic communication except to talk with family.  The narrator emphasizes this idea when she says, “The fancy hotels. The tailor-made shirts. The bespoke suits. That's not why you put in the hours, the years, the reps.  You do it for the wins. That's your currency, and that's why you deserve the best."  

The Cavs face a tall task, but LeBron is up for the challenge and is used to working hard to achieve his goals, spurred on by the mentality of his Northeastern Ohio birthplace where nothing is given and everything is earned.  He tops off his pre-game get-up with gold Solo 2 wireless Beats by Dre headphones that go along with his more formal attire.