LeBron Message | Learn and Grow

Team LeBron | 3/13/2017


LeBron Message

Hey guys,

How is everybody feeling? We’re deep in the school year now. I just remembered that some of you will enter high school in the fall. Wow. Is it really that time already? I can’t believe how much you have all grown.

We are 63 games into the season. We won 42 games and lost 21. The Playoffs are on the horizon but we still have a job to do. Sound familiar?

To me, that sounds a lot like where you are. Spring break isn’t too far away and finals aren’t too far away, but you’re not there yet. We both have a lot left to learn. 

I don’t like to lose, but I love to learn. To make myself better, I treat every loss as a lesson. I learned 21 lessons this year. What about you?

We don’t hang our heads when we get a bad grade, we learn and we grow. We don’t get an attitude when our teachers or parents correct foolish behavior, we learn and we grow. 

We learn and we grow.

I’m so excited to watch all of you continue to grow. Every game, no matter what happened the game before, I look down at my wrists and think, “My kids got my back.” I can’t tell you how unbelievably happy that makes me.

I love you guys and I hope you have an unbelievable week. We learn and we grow!!!


Your friend,


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