LeBron Message | Work

Team LeBron | 11/30/2016


LeBron Message

Hey guys,

I hope all of you had an unbelievable Thanksgiving break! I’ll be honest, I ate so much food, I didn’t know how I was going to move, forget about playing a game the next day.

Even though I was enjoying time with my family I still had to go to work and be a good teammate the next day. The Dallas Mavericks were showing up the day after Thanksgiving whether I liked it or not! While you’re not facing the Mavs anytime soon, you do have responsibilities of your own to take care of. Tests are coming, homework is due, and chores are piling up. It’s time for you to go to work! 

The best part about work, be it in the classroom or on the court, is that there are people counting on you and people you can lean on. While your parents, teachers, and the LJFF expect a lot from you, we’re also your biggest supporters.

Kick butt this week.

Mr. LeBron