LeBron's Kick Game Has Been CRAY

Team LeBron | 3/17/2015


Kick Game CRAY

It’s no secret, LeBron loves his Nikes. What might be a secret is that LeBron’s favorite subject in school was art, and that he loves designing different variations of his shoe. With the newest edition of the LeBron 12, he knew he had to step his game up…much like he strives for on the court every night. So what can someone do with 12 signature shoes other than wear them? Make a clock. And LeBron did just that.  


Starting with the LeBron 1 all the way to the 12, each shoe represents the hour of time on the clock in true LeBron James fashion. 

It doesn’t stop there however…after close examination of his office in Akron, Ohio, he realized it needed a little more spice as well and just a few days later, his signature shoes were proudly displayed above the office doors.


#KickGameCray is on the move no matter where you go or what you do with the #JamesGang