LeBron's Promise Project & Torchbearers

Team LeBron | 8/4/2014



"All Kendra Jones wanted was a dry backyard. Now she has a place for her four children to play as well as landscaping to be proud of, thanks to a swarm of volunteers that moved in Saturday during the LeBron James Family Foundation’s Promise Project landscaping blitz.” - Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal

Team Torchbearers, another one of the nine teams constructed to carry out LeBron’s PROMISE, was out in full-force to give Wheels for Ed All-Star La’Zurae and her family an incredible gift. A complete renovation of the front and backyard spaces of their home left La’Zurae in tears of joy as she hugged a Foundation team member upon arrival. All involved celebrated as tree limbs were cut down, gutters and roofs were cleaned, and flower beds were planted. It was such a special moment that even the family’s neighbor joined in on the transformation; the up and coming star, La’Zurae, has made everyone proud. 

"“My daughter has not been able to come away from the window,” her mother, Victoria Young, said. Volunteers from the community service organization Torchbearers had refused to let them help, because they wanted the family just to enjoy the gift. But La’Zurae didn’t want to miss a thing." - Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal

Team Torchbearers did it all, and even in the rain stood on the roof to make sure the family’s home was everything they could have imagined and more. Thank you for carrying out LeBron’s PROMISE and giving La'Zurae something that she and her family can enjoy for a long time.

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