Team LeBron | 1/25/2016


Recently, some of the most influential figures in sports, business, and entertainment convened in Las Vegas for the Sports Business and Innovation conference at CES, a widely popular event showcasing evolving technologies and industry insights. During this annual gathering of industry leaders, Maverick Carter joined Brad Allen (Executive Chairman, NextVR), Brian Angiolet (SVP Consumer Products, Verizon), and Vivek Ranadive (Owner, Sacramento Kings) for the event’s “Future of Sports Content” panel that focused on the evolution of television viewing and the future of digital and mobile video platforms. As the CEO of UNINTERRUPTED, the next generation sports network, Maverick brought a particularly seasoned perspective to these discussions. 

UNINTERRUPTED has become the go-to platform for some of the world’s most recognizable athletes to tell their stories and connect directly with their fans. The premium content network currently distributes its content globally across multiple platforms, with a particular focus on mobile, web, and social distribution streams. Through its content distribution partnerships with Bleacher Report, Facebook, and Verizon’s go90, UNINTERRUPTED reaches millions of fans across multiple platforms. 

Virtual Reality was also a popular topic at CES this year, another area where UNINTERRUPTED has some valuable insight. The network’s first original show, “Striving for Greatness,” featured LeBron James’ preparation for his 13th NBA season shot entirely in virtual reality with Oculus and aired exclusively on UNINTERRUPTED’s Facebook page using the platform’s new 360 feature. The immersive experience gave fans a whole new perspective, as NBA commissioner Adam Silver noted, “Until I wore the virtual reality glasses, I had never been this close to LeBron’s belly….” Emphasizing the impact of VR, Maverick added “Using VR, the more you can really do a human connection through emotion, it will just drive more and more and more.”