Maverick Inspires At YPO

Team LeBron | 4/18/2016


As a successful businessman, entrepreneurial thinker, and a lifelong learner, Maverick Carter has become a blueprint for how a young and ambitious CEO can thrive in the business world. By the age of 24, Maverick had transitioned from a fresh, hard-working field rep at Nike to the CEO of one of the biggest athletes in the world’s company, LRMR. The story of his self-driven rise from a young, intuitive boy growing up in a hard neighborhood in Akron to a respected and innovative CEO and investor of several successful companies has become source material for young entrepreneurs around the world.

Maverick recently shared insight into his journey at the Young Presidents’ Organization’s (YPO) “In the Boardroom” talk in Beverly Hills. In a room full of young leaders of companies whose revenue totals more than $500 million annually, Maverick and his captivating story took center stage. He candidly shared about the lessons he’s learned along the way from his experience at Nike through starting LRMR, being a founding partner of the wildly popular Beats brand, to creating the unique UNINTERRUPTED platform, and everything in between. Among the greatest bits of advice he shared, is in this world of data and analytics, it’s important to trust your gut and instincts. That is what has helped him navigate through the vast business world and carve out a place for himself and his ventures.

The insightful and informal conversation was a perfect fit for YPO and its members. As an organization that serves as the world’s premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders, YPO is known for bringing these leaders together for lifelong education and idea exchange – two things Maverick is a big fan of.