New Year

Team LeBron | 1/6/2015


LeBron Message

Hey guys, 

Happy new year! 2014 was incredible for my family and me, and that is largely because of the awesome work you have been doing. Every day that I look down at my I PROMISE band I am filled with pride thinking about all of my Wheels for Ed kids. You guys inspire me and push me to Strive For Greatness. 

With the new year, I want all of you to take some time to think about our PROMISE and pick a line that you want to improve on (no, it cannot be to have fun :D). I PROMISE to never forget where I came from… and that means always being there for my Wheels for Ed kids.

You might have heard that I am a little banged up. I don’t want you to worry about Mr. LeBron, I’ll be just fine because I am surrounded by my incredible family, trainers, teammates, and coaches.  At one point in your life you will have a set-back. When you do, I want you to lean on those around you to help you through the tough times. Deal?

I hope you guys have a great week!

Your friend,

Mr. LeBron