Pedaling With A Purpose

Team LeBron | 5/3/2016


860 Miles

860 grueling miles climbing more than 40,000 feet across four states in 68 hours or less. As Matt Geis from Ohio Cycleworks detailed the depth of the feat before him and his teammate, a room full of Wheels for Education and Akron I PROMISE Network students hung on his every word. With the enormity of the challenge and the seemingly impossible capability of his lightweight bike before them, Matt shared his personal story of promise, commitment, and dedication with his captive audience of kids. As he spoke, the magnitude of his promise was mesmerizing and almost too big to grasp. Matt and his partner, Terry, are preparing to bike 860 miles in 68 hours for one simple reason: like Mr. LeBron, they believe in our kids. 

Matt and Terry from the Ohio Cycleworks program have selected the LeBron James Family Foundation as the beneficiary of their incredible feat. For the benefit of LJFF students and the Wheels for Education program, the two cyclists will compete in the “Race Across the West” that kicks off in Oceanside, California and concludes in Durango, CA less than three days later. With 860 miles of rough terrain, unpredictable weather, and steep inclines between them and their prize at the finish line, Matt and Terry have a million reasons why they can’t or won’t complete the enormous challenge. But they’ve made a commitment to the LJFF kids they plan to keep – a passion and determination we can relate to.

Armed with their deep-seated dedication to our kids and the LJFF logo on their bikes, we wish Matt and Terry a safe and successful journey. We will be with the team every mile biked, every stateline crossed, and every hill climbed. 

We want to thank Matt and the entire team at Ohio Cycleworks for believing in our kids. We believe in you guys, too!