LeBron in 2k14's Golden Ticket

Team LeBron | 5/16/2014



The time has arrived 2K14 fans. The LeBron 11 NBA 2K14 edition has long been a mystery until the day that first lucky gamer was hit with the:



“Congratulations – Your commitment to NBA 2K14 and Nike Basketball has earned you a chance to purchase a special LeBron 11. This limited-edition LeBron 11 was made for and inspired by the most dedicated players of NBA 2K14. You have a chance to be part of the select group that can pre-order one of the 2014 pairs. Go to Nike.com/2K14 and enter your code…for the opportunity to order these shoes.”


And just like that, the internet blew up with our dedicated LeBron fans searching and hunting for any image that may hint at what these shoes will look like. The number of visitors to nike.com grew and grew in hopes that the blacked out image of what the shoe may be would one day show through.



Ladies and gentlemen, hunt no longer, wait no longer. The LeBron 11 NBA 2K14 edition is here and we promise you it was worth the wait. Laced from front to back, the LeBron 11 features a cheetah print outside along with a cheetah print inside. Complementing the cheetah is a digital camo red and black lace that lays on the outside walls of the tongue of the shoe. A gold Nike swoosh and LeBron James logo pop out from the shoe, emerging from the fiery red. Trickling up the shoe is an intertwined red and gold lace that makes the red of the shoe pop as if it was on fire. This LeBron 11 is truly a shoe fit for a king.




If you were selected as one of the chosen ones to have the opportunity to purchase a LeBron 11, tweet us a picture of your prize at TeamLeBron on Twitter.

The only way to have a chance at ordering this limited-edition LeBron 11 is to have played NBA 2K14 on the Sony Playstation 4 or Xbox One next generation consoles.


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