Cupcake Explosion

Team LeBron | 3/14/2014



A few weeks ago we talked about LeBron James HQ’s love for cupcakes and the excitement they bring to our office in Cupcake Game. Now, we’re changing the game once again with the release of our signature, “Just a kid from Akron, Chery-Cola Cupcake!”

“The LeBron James Family Foundation — like the man who inspired it — continues to amaze, always looking for openings to make those critical assists.” -Jewell Cardwell/Akron Beacon Journal Columnist

Ten days ago, this cupcake debuted at Baker Blvd., with each purchase providing guests with a limited edition I PROMISE band and a taste bud explosion within the first bite. Since that day, Baker Blvd. has sold over 830 cupcakes…that’s a lot of cupcakes! The reactions around the cupcake have been amazing and LeBron’s PROMISE is spreading farther and farther with each bite. 830 cupcakes means 830 PROMISES…and a PROMISE can go a long way…so where will your PROMISE take you?



“Fifty percent of the proceeds from the vanilla cupcake with cherry cola frosting will go to the Foundation, aiding its Wheels for Education program designed to improve graduation rates in Akron.” -Jewell Cardwell/Akron Beacon Journal Columnist

“The marketing strategy behind the cupcake, which sells for $2.25, is designed not only to appeal to the customers’ tastebuds but also to individual success, as each treat is accompanied by a limited-edition I PROMISE wristband similar to the one the NBA superstar wears 24/7.” -Jewell Cardwell/Akron Beacon Journal Columnist



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