LeBron And Heat Advance To Eastern Conference Finals

Team LeBron | 5/15/2014


HEAT 96 – 94 NETS

That ladies and gentlemen is why you play until the clock strikes zero. It wasn’t LeBron’s 29 points that secured the win for Miami…it was his defense. Late in the game as the Heat began to rally, starting the 4th quarter down 9, soon to be 12, LeBron surged a 12-0 run and then made a statement with a monster block over Joe Johnson with 1:32 left in the 4th quarter. Gaining the lead with under 45 seconds to go, LeBron would hit a pair of free throws only to have Joe Johnson answer with a 3-pointer with 10 seconds remaining. The Heat inbounded the ball to LeBron who would go back to the line and split the pair to give the Heat a 95-93 lead with 5 seconds remaining. A few tipped passes by Bosh and LeBron would eat away 1 second on the clock, setting the stage for another inbound that would be stripped away by James and send the Miami Heat back to the Eastern Conference Finals.


LeBron did everything right in that Game 5 win from scoring, to passing, to defense. Whenever he touched the ball, he made the most of it, and because of that the Heat will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the 4th consecutive year straight.


Prior to the game tipping off, LeBron James HQ simulated the game in which the Heat still remained victors of Game 5 but LeBron finished with 24 points, 1 rebound and 4 assists…it’s safe to say that not even virtual reality can stop LeBron James right now.


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