Savannah James Partners with K+ Organics

Team LeBron | 6/25/2018


Savannah & K+ Organics Team-up

Wife. Mom. Philanthropist. Businesswoman. Savannah James does it all.

 Savannah’s passion as a mom and awareness as an entrepreneur recently rolled together in the form of a unique partnership with K+ Organics, a budding organic sports drink and lifestyle brand. Finding the need for a healthy and safe sports drink she could feel confident in giving to her own children, Savannah found K+ to be just the right ingredient missing in her kids’ active lives. Since becoming an investor and co-owner of K+, Savannah has already had an impact with her hands-on approach to its upcoming latest flavor, Lemonade, hitting store shelves later this summer.

 To read more about her latest kid-friendly foray into business, you can check out the recent profile story from Forbes here.