Special Akron Screening

Team LeBron | 8/3/2015



Blue skies, giant banners, a red carpet, and movie stars walking about…  You may be thinking that this is a depiction of an event in Hollywood or Los Angeles.  But, that notion would be wrong.  The scene described actually occurred in suburban Akron, Ohio.  LeBron James continues to live up to his PROMISE TO NEVER FORGET WHERE HE CAME FROM, as he made sure a special screening to debut his acting role in the movie Trainwreck happened in his hometown.

The screening was located at the Regal Montrose Movies Stadium 12.  The LeBron James Family Foundation, Power Media, and Wizard of Ahs got to work early as the theater was completely transformed into a Trainwreck shrine. Banners that covered the entire length of the building were hung, the red carpet was rolled out, and LeBron and Trainwreck branded peanut M&Ms were placed in every cup holder.  The theater had to prepare for a spectacle like they had never seen before.  In no time, the usually quaint, small, neighborhood theater was pulsating with fans, local and national sports and entertainment media, and, of course, the stars of the movie. 

As soon as LeBron emerged from his car chants of “L-B-J” resonated on the red carpet.  He took a minute to stop for pictures and to talk to media, then went inside the theater to find his seat.  As the guests arrived, they passed through a velvet rope, grabbed some popcorn and Sprite on their way, and found their designated screen.  After a brief introduction from the cast, the screening was under way.

As the guests were exiting the showing, there were nothing but rave reviews for the film and LeBron’s performance.  Everyone left with smiles on their faces and pride in their hearts after LeBron treated them to a great night at the theater and some laughs from the screen.  Trainwreck officially releases in theaters everywhere on Friday, July 17.  We will have to wait in anticipation to see how the movie is received and we look forward to possibly more acting roles in LeBron’s future.