The LeBron's Season 3 PT II

Team LeBron | 10/24/2014


Season 3 Part II

“The LeBrons” are back for episodes 4 – 6.  Episode 4 kicks off with a familiar scene for the James gang… capture the flag.

At Bronny 10th b-day party! "NERF GUN THEMED" and I'm ready for WAR!! Hey kids don't run I won't hurt you! #LetsGo #nerfornothin #imagiantkidatthisparty #capturetheflag #Hostagerescue #IPROMISE — LeBron James

Episode 4: Training Day

Episode 5: Money For Nothing

Biz teaches the gang about fundraising

Episode 6: The "I" In Team 

“That’s not a rec center, that’s a space program.” - Biz