Team LeBron | 11/6/2017


LeBron's I PROMISE Land

Each home game, just before tipoff, LeBron will look over his shoulder toward the home hoop and smile. Amidst nearly 30,000 screaming and cheering fans, he’ll see 20 familiar faces smiling and screaming back at him. Those are his I Promise kids. 

LeBron and his kids own a part of Quicken Loans Arena: I Promise Land. For the fourth year in a row, LeBron and the Foundation purchased 20 tickets to each Cavaliers home game.

“It’s as much a treat for me as it is for them,” said LeBron. With a wide smile, he continued, “I know that no matter what's going on, my kids got me and that’s all I need.” An unfair advantage? Sure. But it’s one that his kids have earned.

Much like everything else in the I Promise program, a trip up north is earned and not given.  Tickets are awarded solely at the discretion of our students' principals, with each school receiving tickets to at least one game. Once earned, his kids make the most of their trip.

Our kids are easy to spot. Chances are, they’re clad in LeBron gear from head to toe and are wearing at least one “We Are Family” t-shirt. They’ll spend most of their time cheering. Though ever polite, they’re not afraid to share their displeasure over a missed call and they surely don’t take very kindly to hard fouls on “Mr. LeBron.”

If you’re at the Q and you see a student wearing an I Promise band and a We Are Family t-shirt, throw them a high-five. They worked hard for their night out. 

From LeBron to our youngest third graders, all of the “kids” from Akron make us proud to say, “We are family!”