The Right Stuff: Maverick At Sloan

Team LeBron | 3/6/2018


Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Drawing some of the biggest and brightest minds from across the sports and business sectors, MIT’s annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference has become the destination for leaders to discuss emerging trends, share insights, and explore the future of sports and business. Featuring a sleu of successful CEO’s, team owners, athletes, analysts, and even a special appearance by Barack Obama, this year’s conference did not disappoint.

(images courtesy of MIT)

Maverick Carter once again participated in the annual conference and joined heavy hitters Alex Rodriguez (CEO of A-Rod Corp), Jason Robbins (Co-founder, CEO of DraftKings), and Nate Silver (Author and Founder of FiveThirtyEight) for a timely panel discussion on how to build and sustain a successful business. According to MIT’s statistics, eight out of ten entrepreneurs who launch a business will fail within the first 18 months. Titled “The Right Stuff: Launching a Business in Sports,” moderator Michele Steele of ESPN navigated the thoughtful discussion on the mindset and tools needed to be a successful entrepreneur, how to standout in the crowded sports/business space, and the changing sports landscape.

Speaking about the athlete-first model of UNINTERRUPTED and the company’s primary focus on creating authentic content, A-Rod offered, “What Maverick and LeBron have built is an anomaly – really what they’ve done is historical.” The take-home message of the day from Maverick is that when it comes to creating content and being successful in any business, “Quality and differentiation will always hold serve and will always win out."

To view Maverick’s full panel discussion, click here.