Tree Of A Kind

Team LeBron | 12/21/2015


Share A Coke with LJFF

The holiday season begins differently for everyone. For some, the holidays begin when their favorite holiday songs hit the radio, and for others when they fight hordes of people for early morning deals. For the Foundation and Akron’s own Power Media (if you run into Jon, be sure to tell him how much you love the new Moniker), the start of the holiday season begins with planning for the Akron Children’s Hospital Holiday Tree Festival, and let’s just say we have a very long holiday season.

The Foundation has been a supporter of the Holiday Tree Festival for the past four holiday seasons, with each tree outdoing its predecessor. For LeBron and the Foundation, their reason for supporting Holiday Tree Festival goes deeper than simply decorating a tree, “Our tree represents our time as kids growing up in Akron. I’ve said it before, there’s no better place to grow up than right here in Northeast Ohio,” said LeBron James.


Planning for this year’s tree began in the summer when LeBron had a special “Share a Coke with Akron” bottle of Coca-Cola. “Follow me here,” LeBron said with wide eyes, “I want a ‘Share A Coke with Akron & the Foundation’ tree.” And so, the Foundation did what it always does when LeBron has an outlandish idea, they called Jon Erisey.

Jon and Power Media worked feverishly, as they did last year when they hand made LeBron’s tree, through the autumn months to create a one-of-a-kind motorized and illuminated “Share a Coke with the Foundation” tree. The red and green tree, compiled of repeating Share a Coke with LeBron, Share a Coke with Akron, and Share A Coke with LJFF bottles paid tribute to an important theme of the year, WE ARE FAMILY.