WFE Child Highlight | Amber Menhorn

Team LeBron | 7/22/2014


Summer is in session but that doesn’t mean the Foundation Team has forgotten about our WFE kids! This is Amber, a student at Seiberling CLC who is a member of the Class of 2022 and will be headed to the fifth grade in August. When we met Amber, she immediately impressed us with her love of science; she even made a polymer poster that glows in the dark! In addition, Amber likes to draw and listen to music; she really does it all! As a WFE Student, she PROMISES to work hard and get good grades. Her favorite part of the program is that she always gets to learn new things.

As studious as she may be, we know Amber is enjoying her summer because she likes to spend time outside playing with friends. When we asked what she can’t wait to tell LeBron, she replied, “My dad loves you!” So we have to assume this has been a great summer for her whole family!

We are so proud of you, Amber! Keep up the great work!